Opening doors to the mighty USA

For Alex Serrangeli, travelling to the USA as part of Notre Dame’s Study Abroad program opened the door to myriad cultures and communities.

“I studied at St Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, where I was blown away by the welcome I received. Texans value spending their time taking care of the little things that matter, like making you feel at home, offering a level of support that makes for such an easy transition to life in America,” Alex said.

“Then you have New York City – just three hours away by plane. A city so sophisticated, fast paced and inspiring, you’d be foolish not to let its raw entertainment and blinding bright lights flow directly from the streets straight into your heart. Every State, within such easy reach, has an irresistible vibe.

“If there’s a city that redefines the word “trendy” as Los Angeles does or if there’s a city with a bigger wow-factor than Las Vegas, do let me know,” said Alex, a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce student who took time out of his studies to get to know the locals.

“The opportunity to study abroad not only opened my eyes to the rest of the world but helped me establish a wide network of friends and contacts.”

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