Cambodia opening the eyes of Notre Dame students

What does it truly mean to be in the world and for the world? For Notre Dame student, Alyssa Monte, the Cambodia Immersion trip opened her eyes to the challenging aspects of the day to day lives of Cambodian people.

The immersion was part of Notre Dame’s Experience the World initiative, offering Arts & Sciences students the chance to enrich their learning experiences through immersion and social-justice opportunities in Cambodia.

“It was an experience that left me with many memories, friends and the ambition to continue volunteering in the future,” says Alyssa.

Reflecting on the highlight of the trip, Alyssa said the smiles on the faces of the village people when Notre Dame donated hundreds of kilos of rice showed how much a small gesture can go a long way.

“The trip has inspired me to continue the works of volunteering in countries that need it most. I have become grateful for the life that I have, being able to afford an education, food and shelter, which many lack in Cambodia.

“Notre Dame to me feels more like a family community than a university. I love the sense of being recognised as an individual, rather than just a number.”

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