Learning how to learn

“The Notre Dame difference” gave Environmental Science graduate, Jemaville Lim, a unique advantage when she returned to the Philippines after four years of study on the University’s Fremantle Campus.

“We were taught how to learn, not only from the lecturers but also on our own,” said Jemaville who has consulted on land and marine projects for major international Oil & Gas companies such as BHP Billiton, ExxonMobil and Shell.

“Our marks were based on the way we defended the hypothesis of our topic and not based on what the lecturer taught was wrong and/or right. This methodology really trained me to assess various approaches/solutions to a topic/problem.”

And, any doubts Jemaville may have had about her chosen course of study – leading to a fulfilling career in environmental science, were quickly dispelled.

“With the degree course run in such a straightforward manner, it was easy to realise early on in my university years that this indeed was the perfect degree and specialty for me,” she added.

Jemaville Lim
Environmental Science graduate

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