Giving life and knowledge

Bachelor of Theology student Jhee was drawn to Notre Dame for its “self-awakening” Core Curriculum and the Catholic faith that underpins the University.

“I cannot give what I do not have. Notre Dame offers not just facts, theory and practical experiences, but gives life and offers knowledge.” These insightful words define his experience at Notre Dame.

“Notre Dame offers a sense of belonging and importance. Opening the doors to the life and values of Jesus Christ has provided me with insight for my future vocation,” Jhee said.

“Knowing Jesus Christ and the values we can extract from His life underpins what it’s like to be a minister. Notre Dame has brought me closer to realising my purpose through a sense of knowledge and a touch of experience.”

An international student from the Philippines, Jhee credits Notre Dame for allowing him to see the broader picture of life.

“One of the things that makes Notre Dame unique is a sense of belonging. The cohesive learning formation is the University offers has helped me to arrive at my educational purpose,” Jhee said.

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