Study Abroad – outbound

Where in the world will your degree take you?

Travelling is an education in itself. Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing other cultures can expand your horizons and worldview in a way no textbook can.

Inject some adventure into your degree with Notre Dame’s Study Abroad program. You can apply to study a semester of your degree at a range of destinations across the globe with one of Notre Dame’s Study Abroad partner institutions in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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  • How does it work?

    Approved study abroad students pay the equivalent of the Notre Dame tuition fees for the semester abroad, plus travel, accommodation and living costs. You will receive academic credit towards your Notre Dame degree while studying abroad. This means your degree will progress as normal.*

    *Nursing students: studying abroad will add 6 months to your degree

    Before you meet with the Study Abroad Office to discuss you options, have a look at our partner university websites to see what they offer and have a think about what you want to get out of the study abroad experience.

    When you are ready, email us to make a time to chat about your options. Email

  • Scholarships

    Thanks to funding from the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan, students may have the opportunity to apply for financial support to assist with the travel and living costs associated with a semester-abroad on exchange at one of Notre Dame’s exchange partners in Asia. New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants are valued at up to $7000!

    To find out more contact the Study Abroad Office.

  • Finances

    Overseas Help Loans

    The Commonwealth Government allocates a number of OS-HELP loans to the University each year.  These are available to Commonwealth Supported Students in order to provide financial assistance to undertake part of their course of study overseas. More information can be found in OS-Help page.

    If you are receiving study allowance or other benefit, you can usually continue to receive your allowance while abroad however please contact Centrelink to confirm. For more information visit

  • How to apply

    Follow these steps to apply for a semester at one of our partner institutions:

    1. Research the host institutions that you may like to list as your preferred destinations. Do NOT contact the host institutions – if you have any questions, get back in touch with the Study Abroad Office on your campus.
    2. Contact the Study Abroad Office on your campus to arrange a time to meet and discuss your options.
    3. Submit an application form by the due date:
      For study in Sem 1: application is due 1 June in the year prior

    For study in Sem 2: application is due 1 November in the year prior

    Eligibility criteria

    • You may apply no earlier than your second semester at Notre Dame and study overseas no earlier than your fourth semester. (This does not include a foundation year of study).
    • You’ll need a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.75 which equates to a high credit/distinction average.
    • You must be able and willing to maintain a full time course load while abroad.

    Application Forms (Outbound Student Exchange Program)

    Outbound Student Exchange Program Application Form
    Outbound Student Exchange Program Letter of Recommendation Form

  • Policy

    Participating students must comply with the University’s Study Abroad Policy.

  • Where can I go?

    To find out more about Notre Dame’s global connections and where you can study, see Study Abroad destinations.

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