Broome Campus stopover for Governor General

03 October 2018

The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broome Campus was singled out for special mention by the Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove yesterday (Monday, 1 October) during a speech to civic leaders, service personnel and community groups.

Sir Peter and Lady Cosgrove made a whistle-stop tour of the city on their return from Christmas Island for the 60th anniversary celebration of the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the government of Australia.

During an hour-long visit to Notre Dame’s Broome Campus, Sir Peter and Lady Cosgrove viewed the Campus Art Collection, ‘Painting the Future: Gifts from Country’, a collection donated by the Kailis family.

They then toured the grounds of the University, including landmarks such as the Yarning Circle, Graduation Square and the Academic Program Centre.

A highlight of the visit was a presentation on Notre Dame’s current and future activities followed by a Q&A session in which Sir Peter shared his views on leadership, the environment and the prospect of Australia becoming a Republic.

Later, during a visit to the Broome Civic Centre, Sir Peter said that “Broome is definitely a city on the move”.

“There’s so much modern development here. Even in the last couple of years since my last informal visit, I have noticed this place really is a destination to visit.”

Sir Peter also praised the work of several local organisations, including The University of Notre Dame, home to the highly-respected Nulungu Research Institute and offering courses in education, health and nursing.

Photo: Beth Kennedy