Celebrating Aboriginal Alumni

08 November 2019

The University of Notre Dame Australia was proud to unveil the inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alumni honour boards at The Manjaree Student Place in Fremantle last week.

Together with alumni, families, friends and mentors, as well as staff and current Aboriginal students, we celebrated their achievements since graduation.

In November 2017, Artist in Resident Juanetia (Neta) Knapp and a group of Aboriginal Students created a mural ‘Manjaree Mia Kaart’ (meaning place of learning, a place of history and a place of spiritual journey and knowledge).

The artwork is designed to bring to life the colours symbols and stories of the land and Notre Dame Aboriginal Students across Australia and to assist them in feeling connected to each other and the University.

Notre Dame Alumni Relations Manager, Sarah Waddle says the event was a great success and reflected on the importance of the new honour boards and The Manjaree Student Place.

Alumni and current students who attended were reflecting on how special Manjaree Student Place is. The Honour Boards seek to serve as ongoing inspiration to our Aboriginal students in a space on Campus they can feel is their own.

“The impact of this recognition reaches beyond just Fremantle, with many of the graduates named on the board sending messages of pride and thanks from around the world.”

School of Medicine student and upcoming graduate, Corey Dalton spoke at the event about his personal experiences studying at Notre Dame, expressing a gratitude and affection for The Manjaree Student Place.

“It's a pleasure to be here and speak about my experience and how the university and its staff have genuinely been accepting and encouraging during my academic journey,” Corey says.

“The last few years I have spent many hours in Manjaree - studying and also mentoring and being mentored. Having a University that recognises the importance of Aboriginal culture and seeks to encompass this in a curriculum and its own campus culture makes studying here fantastic.

My experiences at Notre Dame have been something I will take away with me knowing in full confidence that future Indigenous students will be supported and have a safe cultural environment to foster learning and success.

The Alumni Honour Boards will be unveiled on the Broome and Sydney Campuses in 2020.

For more photographs from the event, visit the Notre Dame Alumni Facebook Page.

Credit for photographs to Rift Photography.

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