Congratulations to Notre Dame’s best and brightest

08 November 2019

The University of Notre Dame Australia’s top students were joined by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic, Professor Margot Kearns and Deans from the Fremantle Campus for a “Celebrating Success Lunch” on Thursday 07 November.

A beautiful spread awaited the gathering students in the Michael Keating Room and as plates were filled and mingling began, Professor Kearns recalled a time in which achievements were announced in a different way.

“It wasn’t that long ago that University results used to be up in the main courtyard,” she said, “not only that, but they used to be published in the national newspapers!”

Perhaps fortunately, this practice no longer exists, but as Professor Kearns said, the top achievers - who may once have received high praise and public recognition for their highly visible success - should be recognised and proud of what they have worked so hard to achieve. ­

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success of our academically gifted students and open their eyes to future possibilities in study, research and careers.

Bachelor of Arts student Phoebe Spice, said the lunch was a great way for the University to acknowledge the work they have all done throughout their studies, and Cassandra Mattes, who recently received the news she was the one student from her cohort to be offered a place in post graduate medicine, said the lunch was a chance to own their accomplishments.

“I think sometimes we have a bit of a tall poppy syndrome in Perth,” she said, “but Notre Dame doing this sort of breaks the taboo of celebrating achievements.

“It gives us an allowance to be proud of ourselves and our peers.”

Students had the chance to discuss future opportunities with the Deans of their respective schools, as well as spending time with other students from different disciplines.

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