Emotional Intelligence in the spotlight

31 May 2019

In response to the growing focus on Emotional Intelligence in business, health and education, experts from all over the world are expected to attend the annual International Congress on Emotional Intelligence to be held on The University of Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus from 14-17 July this year.

Workshops, talks and presentations will explore the recently developed frontier of identifying and managing people’s emotions as well as its latest developments in medicine, education, law, business, social science, and health science.

“The aim is to bring together both scholars and professionals to share their ideas, research and the latest in practical applications of EI,” said Associate Professor Chris Skinner from Notre Dame’s Fremantle School of Medicine and the Convenor of the 2019 Congress.

“Emotional intelligence has been gaining attention over the past 20 years, and is increasingly recognised for its importance in both our professional and personal lives,” he added

“We have abstracts coming in from around the world – from Argentina and Russia, from New York State and a range of universities in Europe.”

The Congress, which has previously focused primarily on academia, has broadened its appeal this year to draw interest from the business and the wider educational applied world.

“In response to the growing interest in EI we are reaching out to a much wider audience – to leaders in business, human resource management and to educators, both administrative and practising,” said Associate Professor Skinner.

Talks and workshops will follow five themes over the course of the four-day congress: theoretical aspects of EI; EI in education; EI in the professions; EI applications in health and wellbeing; and EI from individual and organisational perspectives.

For more information or to register visit http://icei2019.com/.

Media Contact: Breyon Gibbs : +61 8 9443 0569 | breyon.gibbs@nd.edu.au