Exploring the virtual frontier of healthcare training

31 May 2019

Training health professionals in the latest techniques without risk to patients has always been a challenge, but a new era in virtual reality and immersive training is set to change the training landscape.

The emergence of virtual reality and artificial intelligence were among highlights at the WA Simulation in Healthcare Alliance (WASHA) 2019 Research Symposium hosted by The University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Medicine, Fremantle on 30 May.

The symposium brought together clinicians, educators and researchers from across the WA health sector to discuss a range of topics including virtual reality technologies that are pushing the boundaries in the training of health professionals.

One of the events’ guest speakers was Dr Ali Fardinpour, founder of Wise Realities, a not-for-profit virtual reality and artificial intelligence organisation aimed at supporting young researchers through utilising immersive technology,

Dr Fardinpour spoke on the impact immersive technology has had on healthcare and how accessible and advanced it has become.

“Immersive technology is any kind of technology that blurs the bounds of reality and simulation that can be used for educational or therapeutic use, which can be virtual reality, augmented reality or simulated touch technology,” he said.

In addition, those attending had the opportunity to try a virtual reality headset to show how accessible high-level immersive technology has become.

“This headset demonstrated how it can change the understanding of both students and patients towards human bodies – going from reading it in a book or watching a video to experiencing an incredibly immersive 3D application,” he said.

Photo: Notre Dame Physiotherapy Clinical Coordinator Stacy Sutherland and symposium guest speaker Dr Ali Fardinpour.

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