Blazing a trail for gender equality

27 April 2018

For Notre Dame Law alumna, Hayley Cormann, reflecting on the challenges and unconscious bias women continue to face in the workplace is the motivation behind her work as the Immediate Past President of the Law Society of Western Australia.

"As President of the Law Society in 2018, I am proud to say that diversity, inclusion and supporting women in the law are topics very much at the forefront of our activities. We regularly host discussions on the workplace gender equality initiatives being undertaken in the profession, as well as initiatives on diversity and inclusion in legal practice,” Hayley said.

Addressing a full-house at Notre Dame’s 2018 International Women’s Day celebrations, Hayley called upon everyone to work towards gender parity and to think, to act and to be, gender inclusive.

“From the top down, men and women in the workplace must work together to eliminate the perception that flexibility is incompatible with senior roles, and that it should only be available for women as primary carers.”

"The climate is very much right at this time for broad change to take hold, and I think that now is the time to unite our communities in the push for gender parity, and to work together to make our daily challenges more bearable,” she said.

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