‘Lowdown’ from the top of US politics

17 May 2018

High profile US strategist briefs Notre Dame students

John Boehner, one of the most influential personalities in American politics in the last twenty years -and former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, visited Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus on May 11.

Following a meeting with Vice Chancellor, Celia Hammond, and senior staff, Mr Boehner dedicated 40 minutes to a forum with the University’s students of Politics and International Relations,

answering a series of questions on his long and eventful career and the intrigues of contemporary politics in America.

Mr Boehner was the 53rd Speaker of the House, serving in the role from 2011-2015.  During the same period he was second in line to the US Presidency and widely regarded as the most senior voice of the US Republican party.

Mr Boehner was in WA at the invitation of global law firm, Square Patton Boggs, where is currently a senior strategic adviser. While in office he formed close relationships with world leaders in both government and business circles. He is also well known for inviting Pope Francis to address a Joint Meeting of the US Congress in September 2015.

In 2016 he received The University of Notre Dame Indiana’s Laetare Medal – the University’s oldest and most prestigious honour, in recognition of his leadership, civility and dedication to the American nation.

“Getting first-hand insights from such an influential politician and strategist is invaluable, a rare opportunity to peer behind the scenes of international relations,” said Vice Chancellor, Celia Hammond.

“Our Politics and International Relations students are fortunate that a former world leader of this caliber can take time out to offer his first-hand account of important strategies and events that are shaping the future for our region,” she added.

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