Dr Holly Farley

Newly Appointed Fellow in Architectural Design and Lived Experience Researches Residential Aged Care Models

13 December 2019

A new research project from The University of Notre Dame Australia and Mercy Health is being conducted by newly appointed Research Fellow Dr Holly Farley and led by Dean of Arts and Sciences, Professor Sarah McGann and Associate Professor Caroline Bulsara from the Institute of Health Research and the School of Nursing & Midwifery. The project aims to understand the interplay between the design of residential aged care facilities and the quality of life of residents.

“We will look at three different residential aged care models to see which one has the best outcomes, is most conducive for human-centred care and supports a better quality of life.” says Dr Farley.

Dr Farley joined Notre Dame in 2019 after completing an interdisciplinary PhD on housing and lived experience. For Dr Farley, the most exciting part of the Fellowship is the inter-disciplinary approach to research and how wide-reaching the potential findings could be.

Moving into residential aged care can be a big change for people, and we need to know what role the built environment plays and how it links to quality of life.

The outcomes and long-term impacts of this research are substantial. Architecture is part of the experience of all members of residential aged care communities, including staff, residents and families. Mercy Health will use this research in their current practices and in developing future facilities.

“It is important to have the best possible environments for people to live in, regardless of age, culture or background.”

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