The Archdiocese of Sydney launches new podcast with Notre Dame lecturers as hosts

01 August 2019

Calling all podcast enthusiasts! It’s time to add a new show to your list – the first episode of This Catholic Life went live last week, an initiative of the Most Rev Bishop Richard Umbers and the Archdiocese of Sydney and hosted by Notre Dame Sydney’s Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Peter Holmes, alongside Renee Kohler-Ryan, our Dean of Philosophy and Theology.

Described as a show about ordinary Catholics bringing light to current issues and life’s ups and downs, the weekly, one-hour podcast will tackle everything from the challenges of Catholic dating to maintaining a work/life balance, issues of religious freedom and even the experience of being “new” (in a town, job or team). Each episode will have a central topic and work through a series of questions relating to that topic with special guest contributors weighing in. No subject is too big or too small.

“The Church needs to be where the people are, and people are online so we have to be there too,” Bishop Umbers said. “Certainly there’s a role for face-to-face communication as ours is the faith of ‘real presence’. That said, we also need to be online, embracing technology and readily accessible. You can listen to a podcast while driving, exercising, on public transport or doing housework – the potential reach is enormous. We think this content will have wide appeal for Catholics here and overseas.”

This Catholic Life has been a year in the making and is recorded and edited in the Archdiocese’s studio by the Archdiocesan news and media team. “I have enjoyed listening to podcasts for years, but I noticed that there is a lack of genuine conversation from a Catholic perspective, modelling respectful discussion and disagreement, and finding joy in the ordinary struggle and humdrum of life,” said host, Peter Holmes. “The main purpose of the podcast is to showcase the depth, intelligence and joy of the Catholic world view, through a genuinely searching ­– and hopefully an entertaining – discussion.”

A number of Notre Dame graduates have already been invited to join the hosts on air to discuss topics they’re passionate about. Other guests to listen out for include Simcha Fisher, journalist and author of The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning; Monica Doumit, Catholic Weekly columnist and Director of Public Affairs & Engagement for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney; Sydney-based freelance writer Anna Hitchings; and best-selling American author Katrina Zeno, renowned as an international speaker on the feminine genius and theology of the body.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Peter Rosengren, The Catholic Weekly: Host Peter Holmes (left) recording with guest Anna Hitchings and producer Mike Lynch at the Archdiocese of Sydney studio.