Notre Dame success at national sporting championships

04 October 2018

Notre Dame students have had their most successful year yet at UniSport Australia’s National Division 1 Championships.

The Championships saw university students from across Australia compete in a range of sports on the Gold Coast from 22 to 27 September.

The 49-member Notre Dame  team  -- 30 from Sydney and 19 from Fremantle -- took part in athletics, both sprint and hurdles, baseball, beach volleyball, softball, swimming, table tennis, women’s volleyball and taekwondo.

Notre Dame Athletes won five gold medals: medicine student Tommaso D’Orsogna (Fremantle Campus), in the 50 and 100 metre freestyle; business student, Alanah Yukich (FC), in the 200 metre sprint and 400 metre hurdles; and health sciences student, Jose Millares (FC), in Taekwondo.

Ms Yukich and Mr D’Orsogna also won silver medals in the 400 metre sprint and 50 metre butterfly, respectively.

Notre Dame also took three bronze medals: physiotherapy student Emma Warburton (FC), in the 100 metre backstroke; the women’s volleyball team (FC); and Sydney student, Yukun Dai, in Taekwondo.

Team Captain and second year medicine student, Mr D’Orsogna, said it was really exciting to compete for Notre Dame for the first time.

“I was honoured to lead the team and cheer on my teammates by attending as many of the competitions as possible. While many of us were medal winners every athlete who represented Notre Dame has reason to be very proud of their performance,” he said.

“There was a lot of teamwork and camaraderie which was essential to the success of all of us as a team,” he said.

Photo: Beth Kennedy