Notre Dame tops in NSW and WA in Federal Govt Employer Satisfaction Survey

16 January 2019

Data released on 11 January by the Federal Government recognises The University of Notre Dame Australia as a national leader when it comes to preparing graduates for success in the workplace.

The Federal Government’s 2018 Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) shows Notre Dame achieving number one position among all universities in New South Wales and Western Australia in the key indicators of Employability and Adaptability.

The ESS is part of the government’s Quality Indicators for Teaching and Learning (QILT) series of annual surveys.

Notre Dame achieved number one in NSW and WA for Employability and Adaptability.

The ESS reflects the views of more than 5,000 employers throughout Australia who responded directly to a series of questions about graduate technical skills and the work readiness of recent university graduates.

The latest result builds on Notre Dame’s achievements in the Federal Government’s Student Experience Survey, announced in May last year, which placed Notre Dame first in NSW and WA in four of seven key indicators – ‘Overall Quality of Education Experience’ (undergraduate), ‘Teaching Quality’ (postgraduate), ‘Skills Development’ (undergraduate and postgraduate) and ‘Learner Engagement’ (undergraduate and postgraduate).

The QILT surveys are unique in that they draw feedback from graduates and employers with the aim of helping future students make informed decisions about study by enabling them to compare universities across states and disciplines.

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