Notre Dame’s partnership with Open Universities Australia unlocks opportunities for postgraduate students in 2022

17 December 2021

Postgraduate study is an excellent way of achieving career aspirations by retraining, upskilling or specialising. It is also an avenue to pursue lifelong interests and deepen knowledge.

But enrolling in an entire degree at the outset can be daunting.

Notre Dame has partnered with Open Universities Australia (OUA) to offer a diverse range of postgraduate programs and courses across many disciplines, including Nursing, Education, Health, Philosophy, Business, and Law. And many of the subjects on offer are available to study as standalone subjects.

This arrangement with OUA offers students a taste of discipline-specific subjects which can either act as an individual means of upskilling, or can be a stepping stone to enrolling in a broader degree. For those looking to pursue an interest or satisfy their curiosity about a particular subject, standalone courses are also an excellent option, without the commitment of a degree.

All Notre Dame’s OUA programs and courses are available remotely, via online learning, offering full time workers a flexible approach to continue their employment while learning from anywhere, at any time.

For a full list of Notre Dame’s online degrees, please visit our website.

Notre Dame’s OUA offerings include a diverse selection of new courses for 2022, with standalone subjects available across a range of disciplines including Nursing, Business, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, and Philosophy & Theology. Our standalone courses tackle highly relevant issues and offer industry-specific education via subjects such as :

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