Nursing alumnus recognised as A Current Affair Healthcare Hero

22 November 2021

Nursing alumnus Steven Moylan, recognised as A Current Affair Healthcare Hero

Earlier this year Bachelor of Nursing alumnus Steven Moylan, went beyond the call of duty by personally tracking down The Wiggles to help save his patient. Steven graduated from the School of Nursing in 2015 and has been working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the past 18 months to COVID-19 patients. Even with the exhaustive amount of work, he was still able to take the time to consider a patient’s personal circumstances.

While caring for 22-year-old COVID patient Sarah Kelly, Steven took the organisation’s value of ‘People First’ to a whole new level. Sarah has an intellectual disability and required oxygen while in the ICU, but didn’t like wearing the oxygen tubes in her nose.

After finding out about Sarah’s love for the Wiggles, Steven was determined to contact them to film a video that would encourage Sarah to keep her oxygen on while incorporating her favourite musical group. Steven was the first to play the video for Sarah, who wore the nasal prongs for her oxygen the rest of the day.

When I graduated from Notre Dame I never thought I would be dealing with a global pandemic. I truly believe that the skills and life lessons my lecturers and tutors gave me established foundations to be able to manage a situation like this. Notre Dame always catered to me as an individual, and I treat all my patients in the same way. Small acts of human kindness can go a long, long way.

Sarah is now COVID free and is continuing her recovery journey.

Steven was recently nominated for A Current Affair’s healthcare heroes holiday giveaway, and out of 3,500 entries was one of three Australian healthcare workers to win a luxury holiday to tropical north Queensland.

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