Nursing course receives glowing reviews

29 March 2021

The new Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Nursing has been through its first semester and is proving to be a highly valuable course for nurses re-entering the workforce.

During the peak of COVID-19 planning and preparation in Australia, concerns arose that there would not be enough nurses to cope with the influx of severely ill patients. Fortunately, this never came to fruition, and Australia’s healthcare system remained able to deal with the relatively low number of cases.

However, the pandemic did ignite a desire to help in many people, especially those who may have once been involved in healthcare but had moved away from the industry for whatever reason.

Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing & Midwifery Dr Judith Wilson said the course could be described as a “return to practice”.

“This course will give students confidence and enable them to ensure that their knowledge is current,” Dr Wilson said. “They will practice skills and study the law, they will study regulation around nursing, and they will be immersed in contemporary nursing issues. They will also do clinical professional practice in a healthcare setting that will support their learning and increase their confidence to enter the workforce again.”

Unlike Registered Training Organisations, a big advantage to completing this course at Notre Dame is that students exit with a postgraduate University qualification in nursing, a highly valued resume addition for any nurse looking for work. Not only do students gain up to date knowledge of nursing, but Notre Dame’s focus on student pastoral care means they emerge from the course in a competitive career position.

“Students are guided on things like professional obligations, professional practice, continuing professional development, but they are also guided on how to put together a portfolio, how to apply for a job and they have practice interviews to get used to the process,” Dr Wilson said.

One student thanked the Notre Dame team for the experience she had studying the course.

Thank you and the entire Notre Dame team for the excellent experience and learning during the Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Nursing course. The dream came true; how happy to be a registered nurse here in Australia!

Academic Sessional Dr Kim Oliver summed up why she believes the course is so valuable, saying “For me, it’s the fact that as a profession we've got such a lot of nurses that have got so much experience, and if we can bring them back into the profession, it will make that profession stronger.

“It fills the gaps and will support the new graduates as well. They've got so much to give and if we can get these people back into the profession, it will help us all to move forward and grow.”

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