Paving the way for a career in international policy making

26 June 2019

For third-year Bachelor of Arts student, Cian Hussey, the opportunity to take part in a high-level international research project at Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) provides a significant boost to his ambition to become an international policy maker.

Cian, who is majoring in Politics & International Relations at Notre Dame’s School of Arts & Sciences (Fremantle) is the inaugural recipient of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation’s Advanced Industry Placement (AIP).

During an eight week assignment at IPA he is working alongside internationally known researchers - including Walter Stover, MA Fellow at the Mercatus Center (George Mason University, USA) - on the development of a RegData open source database for Australia.

First developed in the United States and Canada, the RegData open source database tracks and compares regulations between States and changes in regulation over time and provides an economic analysis of the data.

The expansion of the database into Australia allows for regulations to be analysed more precisely than ever before. Currently, researchers rely on crude measures such as page counts to monitor the extent of regulations, and their effects are often presented in a qualitative manner.

RegData enables researchers to present the number of total regulations in a State, and analyse the effects they have on an industry-by-industry basis using quantitative data.

The Perth-based Mannkal Foundation provides opportunities for West Australian university students to learn about free market economics, broaden their experience, develop a meaningful body of work and build a valuable network of contacts.

The AIP project is Cian’s second major opportunity to work with Mannkal. In 2018, he worked as a researcher for seven weeks at the Centre for Policy Studies in London, the prestigious think tank established by former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

“Cian joins a select group of Notre Dame students who have been sent to think tanks and conferences around the world on Mannkal Foundation scholarships,” says Greg Moore, a Professor of Economics at Notre Dame.

“The generous donations provided by this Foundation over the last two decades have given our students a head start in their careers and many are now making significant contributions to society” he added.

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