You can help save a life - Talia's Story

21 June 2021

The Notre Dame Volunteer Network (NDVN) recently caught up with Talia Dunn, a valued NDVN volunteer, for a chat about donating blood and plasma and why it is such an important part of her life.

Talia Dunn is a valued staff volunteer with the Notre Dame Volunteer Network Fremantle campus. We spoke with Talia about her contribution to Lifeblood.

“I first started donating blood in 2016 and Plasma in 2018," Talia said. "Initially donating blood was just something that I thought I could do every now and then for people who were in need. Since I started donating, the need for blood and plasma and my awareness and knowledge has grown immensely - especially knowing people who have relied on donations.

"The first time I went in to give blood, I was a little nervous but the ladies at the Blood Centre make you feel completely comfortable and they are there the whole time checking on you. You feel amazing afterwards knowing your helping people and also, you get snacks! Unfortunately less people are donating during the pandemic which is concerning as the need is greater now more than ever. Now is the perfect time to start donating and helping others.”

The Fremantle Notre Dame team donated 469 times in 2020 - still managing to beat their 2019 total donations. Now, in 2021, the Notre Dame team has already made another 196 incredible donations to date, this contributed to saving the lives of nearly 600 patients all across Australia.

If you would like to be part of this life saving process please contact NDVN for more information email

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