Graduate Diploma of Forensic Nursing

School of Nursing & Midwifery, Fremantle Campus

Forensic medicine is a highly specialised area requiring a detailed understanding of the law as well as patient care. This unique program, which can be completed in two years of part-time study, introduces Registered Nurses to the complex issues facing health professionals working in the area of forensic nursing.

  • Why study this degree?

    Forensic Nurses are in high demand thanks to the growing importance of forensic medicine around the globe. Using a combination of presentations, case studies, written assignments, and intensives, our specially designed Graduate Diploma equips you to work with patients whose healthcare issues intersect with the law.

    Our two-year program covers topics such as Forensic Nursing and Populations, Forensic Nursing Principles, MedicoLegal Issues, Professional Role Development and Ethics for Professional Life. In addition the foundational courses of mental health practice are included to support the work of the forensic nurse in a variety of roles. Much of the tuition is available online, but in two of the semesters you are required to attend a five day intensive workshop at the University’s Fremantle Campus.

    At the completion of the program, you are trained to respond in an effective and appropriate manner to a range of challenging medical situations.

  • Program summary

    Year One

    • NURS5002 Introduction to Forensic Nursing
    • NURS5007 Forensic Nursing Populations (Nursing)
    • NURS5008 Linking Forensic Nursing Principles to Practice: Care of the Forensic Patient (Nursing)
    • NURS5009 Medico-Legal Issues for the Forensic Nurse (Nursing)

    Year Two

    • NURS4024 Contemporary Mental Health Practice
    • NURS4025 Interpersonal Communication
    • NURS5006 Professional Role Development
    • PHIL6020 Ethics for Professional Life

    Master of Nursing (Forensic Nursing)

    Students choose a research area relevant to their specialty of nursing practice.

    Full details of the program requirements are contained in the Program Regulations.

  • Entry Requirements

    The following entry requirements apply to this program:

    • Current license to practice as a Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
    • Nursing or other appropriate degree or the equivalent
    • Minimum of one year relevant post registration nursing experience
  • Fees and Costs

    This Program has the following loan scheme(s) available for eligible students:

    The FEE-HELP loan scheme assists eligible fee-paying students with the payment of all, or part, of their tuition fees, not including additional study costs such as accommodation or textbooks. Your FEE-HELP debt will be indexed each year in line with the Consumer Price Index.

  • More information

    For more information on the Graduate Diploma of Forensic Nursing, please call our Prospective
    Students Office on +61 8 9433 0533 or email

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