Infection Control Webinar Series

for Health Care Professionals

Thank you for your registration for this CPD Webinar. We will be in contact with details and payment instructions shortly. We look forward to your attendance.

Dates: Part 1: 9 March 2022; Part 2: 18 May 2022; Part 3: 27 July 2022
Time: 1:30pm-3:00pm (AWST)
Cost: Part 1: $55, Part 2: Free, Part 3: $55 (inc. GST) each
CPD Hours: 1.5 hours each
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The School of Nursing and Midwifery has developed a three part series of webinars designed for the health care professional to refresh and update your knowledge of infection control principles with a focus on transmission-based precautions. It starts off with a refresh of basic infection control principles, the immune system and what precautions to use when for the various transmission-based classifications. The second webinar builds on this knowledge focusing on the latest research and precautions in relation to Covid 19. The final webinar covers aseptic technique protocols, where breaches are often seen and how to improve outcomes for patients.

  • Series 1: Basics of Infection Control and Transmission Based Precautions

    • Refresh and update knowledge of fundamental infection control principles.
    • Advance knowledge of where and why breaches of the chain of infection occur.
    • Develop further understanding of the components of the immune system, how it responds to pathogens and how to enhance its function.
    • Update knowledge on best hand hygiene practises to reduce transmission of infection.
    • Develop knowledge of the classification and specific precautions used to reduce transmission of standard, droplet, airborne and contact diseases.
  • Series 2: Covid 19 Refresher

    • Refresh knowledge of the fundamental precautions to reduce the spread of Covid 19.
    • Improve understanding of where the breaches of transmission-based precautions are occurring in relation to Covid 19 transmission amongst health care professionals.
    • Know how to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid 19.
    • Comprehend the difference between masks and what type of mask is best to use when caring for patients with Covid 19.
    • Use up to date doffing methods to doff PPE safely to prevent transmission of disease.
  • Series 3. Aseptic Technique Principles

    • Refresh the fundamental principles of aseptic technique including the identification of key parts and sites, non-touch technique, sequencing, environmental control and PPE use.
    • Know when to use surgical or standard techniques including closed and open gloving.
    • Know how to maintain an aseptic field and open up equipment aseptically when setting up a trolley for a procedure.
    • Verbalise common breaches during wound dressing, urinary catheterisation and intravenous care and know how to prevent them.
  • Facilitator: Mrs Kareen Dunlop

    Mrs Kareen Dunlop
    RGON. C Inf Control
    ND. DpHM. GC Acu, GC Nsg Ed,

    Kareen is a local Consultant Nurse Educator with almost forty years’ experience primarily in operating theatre, infection control and nurse education. She completed her training as a Registered General and Obstetric Nurse in New Zealand and has since worked in Australia, Switzerland, England, Cambodia and Florida, USA. She has taught at the University level, managed a surgical training centre developing courses to teach surgeons cutting edge operations and developed and taught a Peri-operative post graduate course. She also runs a private practice as a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Of late she has volunteered over a year of her time in Cambodia teaching a nation-wide infection control course, a local peri-operative course, Covid hospital preparedness, mentoring the leadership team of the largest public hospital in Phnom Penh and setting up and developing a nurse leadership team.  She now consults to a number of hospitals and health care institutions on a variety of subjects related to health.

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