Graduate Certificate in Education (Special Needs)

School of Education

Available to students who already have a teaching qualification, the Graduate Certificate in Education (Special Needs) provides cohesive, specialised study for teachers who wish to develop the capacity to meet the educational needs of children with disabilities. The program addresses four key areas including differentiation of the curriculum, managing the inclusive classroom, positive behaviour management, and giftedness.

  • Why study this program?

    The specialist program is aimed at qualified teachers who want to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to teach gifted children and those with special needs. The program consists of four courses: Educating Children with Special Needs, Children of High Ability: Gifted and Talented, Adaptive Education for the Inclusive Classroom and Inclusion: Theory to Practice.

    The Graduate Certificate (Special Needs) will not only explain current educational theories around special needs children, but will show you how to apply these concepts in the classroom. You will learn how to identify the cognitive, affective, physical, behavioural and communication differences between students – and develop programs that address the needs of each student. During your studies, you will also learn how to develop and implement a curriculum that is appropriate for gifted and talented students, plus many other skills such as grouping strategies and withdrawal programs.

  • Program summary

    • Educating Children with Special Needs
    • Children of High Ability: Gifted and Talented
    • Adaptive Education for the Inclusive Classroom
    • Inclusion: Theory to Practice

    Full details of the program requirements are contained in the Program Regulations.

  • Entry requirements

    • Hold the equivalent of a four year teaching qualification; and
    • Have a GPA of at least 2.5; and
    • Have at least three years of professional experience in schools or prior-to-school settings.
  • Fees

    For more information and indicative fees please visit the Fees page.

  • More information

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