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The Doctor of Medical Science is awarded on the basis of a body of work completed over the course of your career. You must hold a degree qualifying you to practise medicine, and submit a thesis comprised of an original exegesis and a collection of publications completed over your research career.

  • About this program

    The Professional Doctorate is a research degree designed to meet the needs of professionals who aspire to achieve academic excellence and lead the development of knowledge within their profession. The program seeks to examine crucial professional topics and integrate professional experience with scholarly inquiry. In particular, it aims to generate a research-based approach, providing answers to questions relevant to the professions or industry and encouraging a systematic way of collecting, analysing and interpreting data. For this reason, we recommend you seek the support of a relevant professional body, employer or industry group in defining your research area.

  • Program outline

    • RSCH7021 Supervised Research - Medicine

    ·The Doctor of Medical Science degree is based on the examination of a portfolio comprised of selected key published works by the candidate, bound with an original unifying paper synthesising the results contained in the individual papers.

    The portfolio should be submitted at the time of enrolment in the program.

    The student will be enrolled in one part-time course of supervised research for administrative purposes, and be charged such fees as from time to time are deemed appropriate.

    Full details of the program are contained in the Program Regulations.

  • Supervision

    As a doctoral candidate, you are required to have a minimum of two supervisors who will provide support and academic guidance throughout your degree. Your academic supervisors will be complemented by a professional mentor, who has expertise in the industry or profession relevant to your research area.

    Your supervisors and professional mentors will assist you with the preparation of your research proposal, continuing to mentor and direct you throughout the research phase and through the process of examination.

  • Mode of study and assessment

    The assessment of the coursework component consists of written assignments while the research component is assessed by examination of the thesis by three external reviewers.

  • Entry requirements

    The Pro Vice Chancellor-Research, on the advice of the Dean of the School, determines admission to the Doctor of Medical Science Award.

    Applicants to the Doctor of Medical Science Award are expected to satisfy the following criteria:

    • Possession of the degree of Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Notre Dame Australia; or
    • an equivalent degree qualifying them as a medical practitioner.

    In addition to the academic criteria listed above, applicants are normally expected to satisfy the following:

    • have been a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Australia (or an equivalent institution) of at least five years standing before the degree of Doctor of Medical Science can be awarded;
    • to have published a body of work that:
      1. represents a significant advance in knowledge in the given field; or
      2. has given rise to significant debate amongst recognised scholars in the given field; or
      3. has directly changed the direction of research or practice in a newer generation of scholars in the given field.

    You may be required to demonstrate an ability to understand and communicate in both written and spoken English at a level adequate for the purpose of pursuing the program of study.

  • Fees and costs

    As the degree does not include original research conducted over the course of candidature, it is not eligible for fee subsidies under the Research Training Program.

  • More information

    Before submitting an application, please contact our Research Office to check admissions deadlines and arrange a discussion with a suitably qualified member of staff via email on

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