Graduate Diploma of Philosophy

School of Philosophy & Theology, Sydney Campus

Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in another subject area, but you really want to explore some of the BIG questions? Whether you want to study philosophy due to personal interest or professional ambition, you will find this one-year Graduate Diploma immensely rewarding. The program consists of eight postgraduate courses, where you can choose from subjects including Natural Law, Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy and Epistemology. In addition to a grounding in Western philosophical thought, you will develop the capacity to think critically and creatively, at an advanced level – these are skills in great demand in the workplace.

  • Why study this degree?

    Our Graduate Diploma of Philosophy has been designed to facilitate skills associated with studying philosophy and to provide a firm foundation for independent research. With an array of choices on offer, you can tailor this degree in alignment with your needs and interests in the discipline of philosophy.  Over the course of your studies, you will explore the foundations of philosophy within the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, which emphasises the need to consider arguments from every point of view. Guided through a combination of the best ideas and problems that philosophy has to offer and teaching methods that emphasise the unity of experience, reason, and reasonable discourse, you will practise what it means to lead an examined life.

    It is widely accepted that studying philosophy promotes a high level of critical thinking. As a result, employers hold our graduates in high demand. Philosophy graduates have the knowledge and skills needed in careers that require rational, well-educated problem solvers. While many of our graduates will go on to teach, others might find themselves working in journalism, politics, medicine or private enterprise.

  • Program summary

    Eight Philosophy Electives (to be chosen from)

    • Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Epistemology: Ways of Knowing
    • History of Philosophy – AncientHistory of Philosophy – Medieval
    • History of Philosophy – Modern
    • History of Philosophy – Contemporary
    • Logical and Critical Thinking
    • Metaphysics – Theories of Being and Existence
    • Moral Philosophy/Ethics
    • Natural Law
    • Philosophy of the Human Person
    • Philosophy of Language
    • Philosophy of Love and Friendship
    • Philosophy of Religion
    • Political Philosophy

    Full details of the program requirements are contained in the Program Regulations.

  • Study Abroad

    You will have the opportunity to complete part of your degree at one of our partner
    institutions through our exchange program. Get in touch with the Study Abroad Office to find
    out more about studying in Asia, Europe and North America.

  • Real-world experience

    You will learn from academics who are industry leaders and you will gain real professional experience and make valuable contacts with potential employers.

  • Entry requirements

    A Bachelor's degree in any discipline.

  • Fees and costs

    This Program has the following loan scheme(s) available for eligible students:

    The FEE-HELP loan scheme assists eligible fee-paying students with the payment of all, or part, of their tuition fees, not including additional study costs such as accommodation or textbooks. Your FEE-HELP debt will be indexed each year in line with the Consumer Price Index.

  • More information

    For more information on the Graduate Diploma of Philosophy, please call our Prospective
    Students Office on +61 2 8204 4404 or email

    All international enquiries should contact the International Students Office on

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