Undergraduate Certificate in Theology

School of Philosophy & Theology

The Undergraduate Certificate in Theology offers students the opportunity to experience University-level studies as they explore the Catholic tradition. Students of the Undergraduate Certificate in Theology study scripture and doctrine, including the sacraments and liturgy.

  • Why study this certificate?

    The Undergraduate Certificate in Theology offers students an opportunity to acquire new skills and, for some students, could add to their existing qualifications. In addition, students of this program learn how to research and analyse critical issues, and develop skills in presenting information and arguments. Besides boosting your employability, the Undergraduate Certificate in Theology is a pathway to further study of higher awards, such as a Diploma or Bachelor degree.

  • Program Summary

    The Undergraduate Certificate in Theology consists of four courses.
    Students will select one of the following courses:

    • THEO1000 Foundations of Catholic Theology
    • THEO1520 Introduction to Christian Spirituality

    Plus, one of the following courses:

    • THEO1110 Introduction to Old Testament
    • THEO1210 Introduction to New Testament

    And, any two of the following courses:

    • THEO1020 Spirituality and the Challenges of Reconciliation
    • THEO2001 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
    • THEO2002 Introduction to New Testament Greek
    • THEO2003 Introduction to Latin
    • THEO2120 Pentateuch
    • THEO2130 Psalms and Wisdom
    • THEO2210 Writings of Paul
    • THEO2220 Synoptic Gospels
    • THEO2230 Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles
    • THEO2310 Early Church History
    • THEO2330 Medieval Christian Experience
    • THEO2340 Modern Church History
    • THEO2350 Reformations: Churches in the 16th Century
    • THEO2250 Introduction to Sacramental Theology
    • THEO2400 Christology
    • THEO2410 Fundamental Theology
    • THEO2460 Eschatology – The Living Hope of Christians
    • THEO2480 Sacraments of Initiation
    • THEO2020 Catholic Social Thought: An Introduction
    • THEO2240 Scripture and Morality
    • THEO2470 Fundamental Moral Theology
    • THEO2430 Anthropology: Human Being within the Mystery
    • THEO2550 Pastoral Theology Foundations

    Please note that although this certificate is delivered wholly online, the Bachelor of Theology requires attendance on the Sydney or Fremantle campus.

    Full details of the program requirements are contained in the Program Regulations.

  • Entry Requirements

    The minimum entry requirements of The University of Notre Dame Australia apply for the Undergraduate Certificate in Theology.

    While minimum entry requirements need to be met, we also consider your application more broadly — your non-academic achievements (professional work experience, leadership roles, volunteering, community and/or church involvement), as well as your personal qualities, aspirations, interests and your capacity to successfully complete this program.

  • Fees

    For more information and indicative fees, please visit the Fees page.

  • More information

    For more information please email studyonline@nd.edu.au

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