Undergraduate Guide 2021 Fremantle

How do I know if I am a Mature Age applicant? You are 20 years of age or older on or before 1 March in the year you wish to commence study OR you have completed any further study since high school, such as TAFE, other university study or a tertiary preparation program. I’ve studied at another Australian university. How can I transfer to Notre Dame? If you wish to change from another university to study at Notre Dame, you will need to apply directly to the Admissions Office. Once you have been offered, you may be eligible to apply for Advanced Standing to gain credit for courses you have already studied. Decisions on Advanced Standing are made by the Campus Registrar with the recommendation of the Dean of the relevant Schools. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Further information about Advanced Standing is available on the University website. Note, transfers are not available into the Doctor of Medicine. How long can I use my ATAR results? ATAR results are valid for use for five years; however, the University cannot guarantee that an ATAR which is sufficient for a program in one year, will be sufficient in subsequent years. How long are my STAT results valid? You can use your STAT results for university admission for up to five years. I have an international qualification, but am applying as a domestic student. What do I do? Complete an undergraduate application form and include copies of your international qualifications in the correct format. If your qualifications are in a language other than English, you must have your qualification translated and provide the Admissions Office with copies of the translation and qualification or award. You may also have to provide proof of English proficiency. My degree was completed more than 10 years ago. What does that mean? A previous university degree will meet the entry requirements for most programs. Degrees which have been awarded more than 10 years prior to the date of enrolment will not be considered for Advanced Standing, but may meet academic entry requirements (except Doctor of Medicine). How can I change my preferences? To change preferences once your application has been submitted, you are required to email the Admissions Office at fremantle.admissions@nd.edu.au requesting your new preferences. I am going away during the admissions process, what can I do? If you are away and are not able to deal personally with your application, you can authorise a person to act on your behalf. To do so, contact the Admissions Office on 08 9433 0537. Can I defer and if so, for how long? Yes, you can defer your place in most programs for 6 or 12 months (maximum). Complete the Request for Deferred Commencement form, outlining the reasons for deferral and send it to fremantle.admissions@nd.edu.au . If you have any queries, please contact the Admissions Office on 08 9433 0537. You can also take time off during your studies (leave of absence). No more than four semesters leave of absence over the length of the program is allowed, and all degrees must be completed within certain time limits. Once I am admitted to Notre Dame, can I change to another program? In many instances, changing between programs is possible, providing entry requirements are met. Please complete a Change of Program form and seek approval from the Dean of the relevant School. Please note, if you wish to commence a program in Law, Nursing, Health & Physical Education, Education (Secondary) or Physiotherapy, you will need to complete a new application form and submit it to the Admissions Office. You will be considered with all other applicants for these programs. Should I provide my Diploma/Degree certificate or transcripts of study? When applying to the University, it is essential to submit copies of your transcripts and the degree certificate. The transcript should state that the program is complete. If this is not stated, copy of the award must also be included. DISCLAIMER – © 2020 | Under the Higher Education Support Act (2003), The University of Notre Dame Australia is obliged to provide students with a program assurance arrangement. Details of this arrangement are outlined on the University’s web page. The information in this guide is correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change. Applicants are strongly advised to contact the University and check the University website for current information. The University reserves the right to withdraw, alter or vary any program, course of study, program content, assessment method or tuition fee that it offers or to vary program arrangements or impose limitations on enrolment. The University has obtained accreditation information in this guide from professional bodies offering accreditation for registration into a profession. Applicants are strongly advised to obtain current accreditation information by contacting the University, checking the University website and contacting professional bodies. The University of Notre Dame Australia will not be liable to you or to any other person for any loss or damage (including direct, consequential or economic loss or damage) however caused, including by negligence or otherwise, which may result directly or indirectly from or the use of, or reliance upon, this guide. 86 | NOTRE DAME AUSTRALIA UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE FAQ