Undergraduate Course Guide Sydney 2021

The world is transforming rapidly around you, and your choice of higher education is now more important than ever. In this age of unprecedented change, you will need critical thinking skills in order to separate real news from fake news, truth from lies, and information from knowledge. These skills will help you achieve what might previously have seemed impossible and to navigate a future that hasn’t even been dreamt of yet. At Notre Dame, we empower you with the fundamentals of critical thinking. For many centuries, these classic intellectual arts have prepared humankind to overcome any challenge. And now, in a time of exponential change, they are more crucial than ever. Critical thinking is open, adaptable and flexible, and generates lifelong skills for an entirely new generation of CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders, and global citizens. Critical thinking involves courage and curiosity, a receptiveness to new ideas, and a belief in the power of wisdom to enrich your decisions within and beyond your career. At Notre Dame our students are all trained in critical thinking, no matter what they study, as this analytical approach to thinking is embedded in every single one of our degrees. This is why we were ranked the No.1 university for Skills Development in Australia*. Natural Critical Thinkers *2019 Student Experience Survey, undergraduate category, compared.edu.au 2 | NOTRE DAME UNDERGRADUATE COURSE GUIDE 2021 SYDNEY CAMPUS 3 APPLY DIRECT NOTREDAME.EDU.AU/SYDNEY |