In Principio v14 no3 (2003)

"' Vice Chancellor Dr Peter Tannock with incoming Student Association President Courtney Draper and Vice President Tim Kennedy, and outgoing President Owen Woolcock and Vice President Brooke Harding. Celebrating student leadership OUTGOING student leaders were acknowledged for their outstanding contribution and incoming leaders were welcomed at an inaugural ceremony in early December, attended by family, friends, lecturers and University leaders. The University of Notre Dame Australia's Director of Student Services Tracey Bahen said the ceremony was an opportunity to celebrate the important role student leadership played in the life of the University. "These fine young people offer a voice to students and it's important that we recognise and respond to that input." Ms Bahen said. The University's Vice Chancellor Dr Peter Tannock was delighted with the leadership demonstrated by outgoing President Owen Woolcock and Vice President Brooke Harding and thanked them for their service. He was proud of the calibre of leadership achieved this year and welcomed the incoming Student Association Executive lead by President Courtney Draper and Vice President Tim Kennedy. The University's Coordinator of Student Services Amelia Whitelaw emphasised the important role of family and friends and outlined each committee member's individual achievements. Guide aims to improve access The University of Notre Dame Australia's location as a town university has achieved high profile recognition in the new City of Fremantle Access and Facilities Guide. Notre Dame's Director of Student Services Tracey Bahen said she had worked closely with the City of Fremantle and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure to develop the new guide. "It represents an exce llent resource map for new students and staff plus all visitors to the port city. "The guide also represents a subtle shift in our marketing. Our response to new students, staff and visitors when they ask about access is to celebrate our location as a town university because of all the transport choices available." Ms Bahen said the free guide would be available early next year and distributed throughout the University and Fremantle. It shows all walk, bike and public transport routes that lead into Fremantle plus facilities including toilets, showers, b ike racks and lockers. Host program expands students' . experience The Student Host Program la11nched at the University ofNotre Dame Amtralia in A11gust has already benefited many students. Here is a first person acco11ntfrom student Victoria King. The Student Host Program has been an amazing experience. Not only have I learnt more about myself, but I have an amazing group of friends from the United States. I was fortunate enough to host students from Portland University Oregon, t he College of Saint Benedict and St John's University in Minnesota. I got to know a whole group of students from Notre Dame Indiana staying at Port Lodge. I can now count these 30 or so students as some of my best friends. What's important is allowing these students to experience the "real" Aust– ralian lifestyle. I don't mean parties and hanging out in Fremantle all the time, but having them over for dinner, showing them around our beautiful city and just being a friend to someone a long way from home and the familiar. It's an opportunity too good to miss. I had an amazing semester, my favourite out of the three years that I have been a student at Notre Dame. I joined the program because I wanted to meet new people and expand my horizons. All my friends had hosted a student before and loved it. I thought "well, I can do that too." The hardest part is saying good-bye, though when you think about it, it's not good-bye forever - it's good-bye until I see you again. I am now planning a trip to the United States after I graduate in 2004. I have places to stay all over America, and they have a place to stay here. I'm still in contact with all my amazing friends via e– mail every couple of days, and we to keep each other posted on what's happening in our respective cities. This is the best opportunity, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to make a new friend for life. It has made my University life one that I will never forget.