In Principio v16 no3 (2005)

INSIDE ITHIS ISSUE • Vice Chancellor's Report ...... . . .....2 • Broome Campus .................. .4 • Fremantle Campus ..................6 • Sydney Campus .......... . .........8 • College of Arts ....................10 • College of Business . ....... ....... .11 • College of Education ...............12 • College of Law ........... ... ......13 • Colleges of Health, Medicine, Nursing 14 • College of Science and Technology ...16 • College of Theology .......... .....17 • Student Services ...................18 • Alumni Association ............. .. .19 Front Cover: Blessing and Official Opening ofthe School ofMedicine UNDA Professor ofClinical Years, Professor Bernard Pearn-Rowe, National President of the AMA, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, Federal Minister for Health andAgeing, Hon Tony Abbott MP, Minister for Health, Hon Jim McGinty MLA, Chancellor, Hon justice Neville Owen and Vice Chancellor, Dr Peter Tannock. .a. Dr Peter Tannock VICE CHANCELLOR'S I REPORT We are winding up what has been a very busy year for the University. Overal I, it has been a successful one. Highlights have included the opening of our Medical School in Fremantle by the Commonwealth Minister for Health, Mr Tony Abbott, and the State Minister for Health, Mr Jim McGinty. We are very proud of this Medical School and delighted at the influence it is already having within the University. We have an outstanding group of foundation students and staff. We believe it will be a major contribution to health care in Western Australia in the future. Work has continued on the development of our Sydney Campus in Broadway. The buildings are reaching completion, and we will be enrolling our first cohort of 450 students in February 2006 in Art, Business, Education, Law, and Nursing. Medicine will open on the Darlinghurst Campus in 2008. We are delighted with both the volume and the quality of the applicants for admission to the University. No doubt, this has been stimulated in part by the excellent staff that we have recruited in all areas to work on the new Campus which is so ably lead by our Executive Director, Sydney, Mr Peter Glasson. Our Sydney Campus and, the development of our University as a national entity, with Campuses on both sides of the continent, have meant a number of significant changes to the University. These include the appointment of new Governors from eastern Australia, amendments to our Act of Parliament, and significant restructuring of our academic and administrative arrangements. The ease with which this has been accomplished bodes well for the future. Planning for the second branch of our Sydney Campus, to be based on the Darlinghurst site of the Sacred Heart Parish, is well underway, and early works have commenced on the old and potentially beautiful historic building; we are awaiting approval from the relevant authorities before we can proceed with the main structure. We hope to have the complex finished in 2007, so that it can be occupied by our Nursing and Medicine programs. Our Sydney Medical School is due to enrol its first 80 students in February 2008. I would like to conclude this report by thanking our large and diverse 'community' for their outstanding support this year. Our many benefactors, our Governors, our staff, our students, professional bodies, Commonwealth and State Ministers and officials, the City of Fremantle and the Sydney City Council, leaders from other universities, and our Church leaders and many ordinary and much valued supporters have all combined to make it possible for this unique enterprise, the University of Notre Dame Australia to thrive and move forward. Thank you for everything. I wish you all a holy and happy Christmas.