In Principio August 2017

InPrincipio in the beginning 1
The Objects 2
Contents 3
Honorary degree for Vice Chancellor 4
Celebrating Notre Dame’s class of 2016 6
Regional health care boost 8
Notre Dame excels in nationwide student survey 9
Breakthrough research for stroke treatment 10
World-first in chronic migraine treatment 10
Looking for answers in the treatment in metastatic breast cancer 11
Instagram study 12
Life on the edge 14
Small steps towards reconciliation 16
The centenary of the Fatima event 17
Talking philosophy 18
Health matters 19
The politics of populism 20
Notre Dame’s sports stars shine on world stage 22
Most inspiring ‘Women of the Year 2017’ 24
Challenging the political status quo 25
A degree for teaching, and for life 25
Events 26
Contact us 28