Training Modules and Courses

The IHR has developed a series of online training modules covering both quantitative and qualitative analysis using SPSS and NVivo. The modules are series of self-paced training lessons that provide downloadable data sets and clear descriptions of how to undertake simple and more complex analysis.

Access Modules

There are a large number of excellent structured tutorials and training modules available on the web that leads you through all the different stages and requirements for sound research. Some examples include:

Coursera is a web site that provides free online learning produced by a range of top American universities such as Stanford and Johns Hopkins. There is a wide range of subject matter available there but some of potential interest include:

Sage is another web site which contains a wide range of training resources relevant to researchers that is available to students and staff from Notre Dame. Details of its comprehensive resources can be found here.

UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education provides a number of training modules for people wanting to learn how to use a number of statistical packages such as SPSS, STATA and R.

The WAHTN provides a range of free training modules and seminars through its Research Education and Training Program. Current modules include training in good clinical practice, identifying grant opportunities, and research protocol development. Full details are available here.