About the Churack Chair

The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research was a visionary initiative made possible by the generosity of Geoff and Moira Churack and their family who, in 2013, donated $1 million to establish the Chair. Since that original donation, other donors have given a further $1 million towards this project which is now underway.

This support has enabled Notre Dame, in partnership with St John of God Subiaco Hospital, to establish the Chair with an inaugural appointment made in 2015.

In April 2015, following an international search, Western Australian Professor Eric Visser was appointed as the inaugural Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research. He is an internationally-acclaimed medical specialist who has a comprehensive academic CV and brings with him a wealth of experience in the area of pain medicine.

Not only does Professor Visser have substantial expertise in both acute and chronic pain management, he also has a significant history of teaching, examination and training of anaesthetic registrars and fellows. This history and experience he now brings to the undergraduate curriculum of Medicine at The University of Notre Dame Australia.

Most importantly, Professor Visser brings enormous vision and a vibrant energy to The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research. As a teacher, he empowers students with an enthusiasm for learning and a desire to understand this issue. His leadership will ensure that research undertaken is translated into the education offered to Notre Dame’s medical students – thus guaranteeing that, upon graduation, all students will possess a comprehensive understanding of chronic pain, including strategies for drug use and their side effects.

As part of The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research, Professor Visser will continue his work as a specialist in pain medicine at St John of God Subiaco Hospital and, with a team of pain professionals, will focus on key areas of pain research which will contribute to a better understanding of chronic pain.

Since Professor Visser took up his appointment, he has already made significant inroads into the day-to-day practical education of Notre Dame’s students within the classroom and hospital corridors.

Professor Eric Visser