How you can help

The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research,is a visionary program made possible by the generosity of Geoff and Moira Churack – with the support of their family - who donated $1 million to assist the University in researching this important area of Medicine. Their gift has inspired other donors who have generously supported the establishment of the Chair. For all of these gifts and support, we give thanks.

Through the leadership of the Churack Chair, research undertaken through the School of Medicine is being translated into the education offered to our medical students – thus guaranteeing that all students have a solid understanding of chronic pain upon graduation.

With Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Health Sciences and with courses in Counselling, Notre Dame is well placed to bring together health professionals to jointly address health issues. In collaboration with St John of God Heath Care and Murdoch University, the Chair is building relationships and forming partnerships with those organisations currently undertaking laboratory based research into chronic pain in ways that are consistent with the University’s Objects.

The teaching of pain medicine to medical undergraduates, as a core part of their degree, is of great benefit in a field where it is currently learned by trial and error. Your contribution will not only better aid and equip future medical graduates in the area of specialised chronic pain treatment and care, it will shape the direction of chronic pain research and rehabilitation across Australia and throughout the world. Please join with us in raising funds to ensure this project can reach its potential and not only bring a quality of life back to chronic pain sufferers but also a healing knowledge to Australian doctors and health care professionals.


Volunteers for migraine research

Volunteers are requested for a study into migraine research. Please contact for more information.