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Professor Christian B. Miller (Wake Forest University) at Notre Dame Australia

The Institute for Ethics & Society is delighted to announce one of its international visiting scholars for 2019!

Professor Christian B. Miller, the A. C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University, will be visiting the Institute from 3-7 June 2019. During his visit, Professor Miller will deliver the 2019 Moral Philosophy and Ethics Education Annual Lecture and instruct a 5-day masterclass on philosophy of character.

Professor Miller’s research focuses on virtue ethics, empirically informed moral psychology, and the philosophy of religion. His prolific research output in recent years has focused on developing connections between findings in empirical psychology and the philosophical study of character and moral development.

Professor Miller is the author of The Character Gap: How Good Are We? (OUP, 2017), Character and Moral Psychology (OUP, 2014), and Moral Character: An Empirical Theory (OUP, 2013). He is the co-editor of Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology (OUP, 2015), Moral Psychology, Volume V: Virtue and Character (MIT Press, 2017), and Integrity, Honesty, and Truth-Seeking (OUP, forthcoming). His books have been reviewed in major philosophy journals, such as Ethics, Mind, and Analysis, as well as in popular media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, and Christianity Today.

His commentary and public philosophy has appeared in Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Slate, Salon, Newsweek, NPR, The Dallas Morning News, Aeon, Christianity Today, The Veritas Forum, Psychology Today, Nautilus Magazine, and many other venues.

Professor Miller’s research has been generously support by a number of research grants from the John Templeton Foundation and the Templeton Religion Trust. Most recently he was the Principal Investigator of the AU$5.1M “The Character Project: New Frontiers in Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology,” the Principal Investigator of the AU$1.3M “The Developing Character Project,” and the Philosophy Director and Co-Investigator of the AU$5.5M “The Beacon Project: Founding a Field of the Morally Exceptional.”

We are thrilled that Professor Miller will be visiting us, and we hope that you might be able to participate in some of the research activities associated with this visit.

Professor Miller’s visit is an initiative of the Moral Philosophy and Ethics Education program within the IES.

2019 Moral Philosophy and Ethics Education Annual Lecture

Becoming Virtuous: Masterclass in Philosophy of Character
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