Support us

There are a variety of avenues through which interested individuals or groups can support and enhance the work of the IES, whether by establishing collaborative partnerships with us or via donation. Possible avenues of support include:

  • Funding scholarships for postgraduate research students (Masters or PhD) or for postdoctoral fellowships at the IES to help us build research capacity and support junior scholars
  • Supporting pioneering research projects in one of the Institute’s Research Focus Areas
  • Sponsoring specific public engagement activities of the IES, such as public lectures, debates, discussions etc., which seek to contribute to the development of ethical awareness in the public domain and enliven the ethical and theological debate in our society
  • Supporting IES work in developing innovative approaches to the teaching of ethics within the University’s professional disciplines and helping to promote ethical professional practice more broadly
  • Sponsoring a conference on an ethics-related theme
  • Sponsoring an eminent visiting scholar with expertise philosophical and/or theological ethics

We urge you to join us by helping to facilitate this work. Your commitment will allow us to develop in ways that will help enrich the experience of students at Notre Dame and make a positive difference to the development of ethical awareness in their personal, professional and social lives. It will also allow us to explore the development of that awareness with regard to the relationship between its intellectual and practical components; the philosophical and theological underpinnings of our ethical commitments; and the relationship between commitment to religious belief and approaches to ethical life and practice.  To make a donation, please fill out UNDA’s Gift form (clearly marking the Institute for Ethics and Society as the recipient).  To explore possibilities for collaboration or support, please contact IES Director, Prof. Sandra Lynch.