Ethics Education

Ethics Education at Notre Dame

The IES supports and informs the teaching of ethics across The University of Notre Dame Australia in partnership with the Schools of the University. Our approach to ethics education draws on our research expertise in moral philosophy and its application in various fields of professional ethics. Our approach is also deeply informed by the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition, with its focus on virtue ethics and the development of character. Across the University, IES researchers regularly deliver expert guest lectures in ethics and provide curriculum consultancy. The IES also provides training and support for Notre Dame faculty on how to bring ethical considerations into the classroom in a way that resonates with students. We have taught ethics to Notre Dame students in the areas of Medicine, Nursing, Media, Business, Law, Education and more.

Embedding Ethics in the UK police

Policing situations present an array of complex ethical challenges. Hertfordshire Constabulary took an informed and strategic approach to ethics training across its organisation, engaging Professor John Lippitt to lead the implementation of embedding the national Police Code of Ethics for England and Wales in its force.

Professor Lippitt provided expert advice on matters of interpretation to the Hertfordshire Constabulary Ethics Committee and Ethics, Equality and Integrity Board, as well as advice on how to effectively communicate aspects of the Code to the workforce. He ran a series of exercises for senior officers within the force, around such matters as the ethics of authorising use of covert resources.

Professor Lippitt’s work culminated in a research-informed series of videos on ethical topics including character and virtues in policing and the ethical risks arising from various forms of cognitive bias. Professor Lippitt was also invited to address the UK national Police Ethics Guidance Group on his work with Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Professional Ethics Training

The IES provides professional ethics education and training services to clients outside the University. Our approach to professional ethics education and training is unique. As part of a university, we value the insight and rigor of academic research. As a public-facing research institute, we are passionate about seeing scholarship translated into accessible and useful resources for groups outside academia. We regularly collaborate with leading global researchers who are working on bridging the gap between research and cultural engagement. We provide three core professional ethics training packages, and can also be engaged to deliver tailored services such as keynote addresses at commercial and professional conferences and workshops on specific ethical issues.
Our three packages are:

  • Ethical Decisions & Good Lives
  • Fostering Ethical & Professional Cultures
  • Ethical Leadership

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Ethical Leadership Course