Public Engagement

The Institute for Ethics & Society is committed to promoting a rigorous and open conversation about the variety of ethical issues facing today’s society and to sharing the resources of the Catholic intellectual tradition in the public square. This includes:

QndA and Public Events: The IES has developed the QndA panel series, which provides a platform for prominent scholars, public intellectuals and community leaders to debate pressing contemporary issues. The IES also hosts a suite of stand-alone public events, featuring internationally renowned thinkers such as Prof Candace Vogler, Prof John Haldane, and Prof John Finnis.

Scholarship at the Cathedral: The Institute for Ethics and Society is honoured to partner with the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney for ‘Scholarship in the Cathedral’ a series of public lectures delivered by eminent intellectuals (both Australian and international) and serving the purpose of furthering the Archdiocese’s contribution in the forum of intellectual life and public discourse.  

Commentary on Issues in Public Life: IES staff provide ethical commentary and engagement, informed by the Catholic tradition, on key moral and social issues in public life.