August 2015

QndA 19 August 2015
Lyle Shelton, Justine Toh, Ryan T. Anderson, Patrick Langrell,
Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, Michael Kirby

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  • Social media – How is it impacting our lives?

  • Same-sex marriage – Can public discussion improve?

  • Same-sex marriage – Should those who want to protect marriage also argue to abolish defacto relationships?

  • Racism in Australia – Are we racist?

  • Christian sexual ethics & mental illness in LGBTI young people - Is there a link & what can be done about it?

  • Religious freedom and persecution of Christians – How serious is the threat & what can we do?

  • Changing religious populations worldwide – What challenges & opportunities does this pose for the church?

  • Help us – What advice would you give to people in their twenties today?