July 2019

Thinking well: Educating 21st Century Learners.
Panel (left to right): Dr Laura D’Olimpio, Dr Tim Dean, Nic Zumaran, Prof Renee Kohler-Ryan, Justin Limb.

What should educators be doing to prepare the next generation of societal contributors?

  • Dr Laura D’Olimpio, Philosopher – University of Birmingham

  • Dr Tim Dean, Philosopher and Public Commentator

  • Prof Renee Kohler-Ryan, Dean School of Philosophy and Theology, Sydney

  • Justin Limb, educator Carey Baptist College

Further discussion

  • Rigour, self-knowledge and healthy scepticism

  • To what degree should we seek certainty?

  • Thinking through certainty

  • What are some practical changes we can make to the education system?

  • Is critical thinking the pre-eminent goal of education or one among many important goals? What other goals matter?

  • Should philosophy and ethics be compulsory in schools?

  • Feeling or thinking?

  • What are the limits of interrogation?

  • Feeling or thinking? Part II – a challenge to the panel

  • What are the benefits of acquiring skills of philosophical thinking?