Related OLT Projects

A related OLT project worth reviewing

A similar project with the same title but different focus (SI11-2137) was funded by the OLT at the same time as the current project and led by Curtin University of Technology (CUT) in partnership with CDU, Monash University (MU) and the University of New England (UNE). It focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student experiences in transition to university. A key output of this project involved the development of an online resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students seeking to enrol in university. Content was generated utilising a web-based survey and completing targeted interviews with a discrete number of students of UNE, CDU and CUT (including video testimonials). Similar to the UNDA, SCU and BIITE Project (ID SI11-2138), the CUT-led research project focused on enablers and constraints to transitions to university but was primarily concerned with student experiences, perspectives and examples of success.

The projects operated independently of each other

The two project teams met at the commencement of their projects in early 2012 to ensure that there was no direct overlap in deliverables and to ensure maximum benefit for the OLT investment in two projects on the same theme. Once outcomes and terms of reference were clearly defined, each team operated separately and independently. Each project provides a unique window of opportunity to enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student transitions to higher education within the respective Terms of Agreement and via dissemination of project findings via a diversity of reports, websites, academic and non-academic education networks, and analyses of enablers and constraints to transitions to higher education.