Professor John Guenther

Adjunct Professor, Nulungu Research Institute

PhD, B App Sc (App Chem), Dip Th(Miss)

Phone: 08 9192 0670

  • Biography

    John Guenther is currently the Research Leader - Education and Training with Batchelor Institute, based in Darwin, NT. John Guenther is focused on building an evidence base for policy and practice, mainly in fields related to education and training, particularly as they intersect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Research is not just about finding out new and interesting information. It is also about applying it to the lived experiences of people. It is about challenging assumptions and dispelling myths. It should be useful and helpful, not just to those who fund it and do it, but to those who are involved in the context of the research. To that end, John is committed to building research capacity through supervision, collaborative research projects and through good professional and ethical practice. John has worked as a researcher and evaluator in remote Australian contexts—particularly the Northern Territory— since 2003 on issues related to education, training, families and children, justice, suicide prevention, child protection and domestic violence. He has also worked as an adult learning practitioner in community education, vocational education and higher education sectors.

  • Research expertise and supervision

    Education and Training systems
    Adult learning and vocational education and training policy and practice, particularly as it intersects with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their aspirations
    Family and children strengthening programs and services
    Qualitative and Mixed Methods methodologies
  • Book chapters

    • Guenther, J., Disbray, S., Benveniste, T., & Osborne, S. (2017). ‘Red Dirt’ Schools and Pathways into Higher Education. In J. Frawley, S. Larkin, & J. A. Smith (Eds.), Indigenous Pathways, Transitions and Participation in Higher Education: From Policy to Practice (pp. 251-270). Singapore: Springer Singapore.
    • Guenther , J., Disbray, S., & Osborne, S. (2018). "It’s just teasing": Responding to conflict in remote Australian schools. In P. T. Slee, G. Skrzypiec, & C. Cefai (Eds.), Child & Adolescent Wellbeing & Violence Prevention in Schools, : Routledge.
    • Guenther, J., & Falk, I. (2019). Generalizing from Qualitative Research: A Reconceptualization Based on Vocational Learning Examples. In S. McGrath, M. Mulder, J. Papier, & R. Suart (Eds.), Handbook of Vocational Education and Training: Developments in the Changing World of Work (pp. 1-19). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
    • Guenther , J., McRae-Williams, E., Osborne, S., & Williams, E. (2018). Decolonising colonial education researchers in 'near remote' parts of Australia. In G. Vass, J. Maxwell, S. Rudolph, & K. N. Gulson (Eds.), The Relationality of Race in Education Research (pp. 108-119). New York: Taylor & Francis.
  • Journal articles and proceedings

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  • Conference papers

    • McRae-Williams, E., & Guenther, J. (2016). Our North, Whose Future? Paper presented at the Developing Northern Australia Conference 2016, Darwin. 20-22 June 2016. Guenther, J., & McRae-Williams, E. (2015). The training and employment challenge of remote communities: Is collaboration the solution? Paper presented at the AVETRA 18th Annual Conference, Melbourne. 10 April 2015. Retrieved from
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  • Reports