Research Experts and Opportunities

Find a collaborator or supervisor

The University of Notre Dame’s institutional repository, ResearchOnline@ND, harvests researcher expertise and showcases it in a Gallery of Experts. The platform may be searched by researcher name, discipline, research interest, position, institution or department.

Further track record details, publication overviews and contact details are provided for each expert.

Find a Research Project

A range of areas in various disciplines is available for research at Notre Dame. Professional Doctorate, Master and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees are options for postgraduate research degrees by thesis or publication. Postgraduate degrees at Notre Dame are completed under supervision by an academic member of staff, possibly in collaboration with an external professional or academic expert. Notre Dame has a diverse Postgraduate Scholarship Program available.

Interested students and researchers seeking collaboration or supervision should contact the Research Office, a specific Notre Dame School or an Academic Expert directly.

Additional project specific information is available as part of the research program of the Institute for Health Research the Nulungu Research Institute, the Institute for Ethics & Society, the Collaborative Research Network (CRN), and The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research scheme in Fremantle and the School of Medicine Sydney.