Research Data Management

Notre Dame has developed a Policy and Procedure to guide researchers on data management:

The Policy applies to all research data related to approved research activities at or in collaboration with the University, irrespective of data type or format. Its principles for responsibly managing research data are in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 , University policies, and relevant legal, statutory, ethical, contractual and funding body requirements. Publishing platforms for scholarly articles are also increasingly setting rules around availability and linkage of research data underpinning reported study outcomes.

Various aspects of research data management are addressed in the University’s Policy that research staff and HDR students need to be aware of. The spectrum ranges from data-related facets of project development at one end to discoverability and availability after project completion at the other end.

The Procedure serves as a guide to help research staff and HDR students understand the process in place at Notre Dame to support appropriate implementation of the University’s Policy. The Procedure includes a helpful summary (Section 12, page 9) covering all aspects in support of responsible data management of a project during the life course of the research study in any academic discipline.

Notre Dame is in the process of developing a Data Management Plan (DMP), a template which will become available to research staff and HDR-students soon to include in the preparations of a new research project. In the near future it will become a requirement for research studies at Notre Dame to have a DMP completed and approved before the start and updated when applicable during a research study to capture any change in data collection, custodianship, storage and accessibility among others.

Contact the Research Office for more information.