Things to consider

When embarking on a research project at Notre Dame, the researcher is strongly encouraged to carefully consider what aspects will need to be put in place before starting the research. Upfront requirements may differ per area of research and discipline, so consider discussing your concept with a colleague in your discipline or your local Research Coordinator.

Notre Dame requires any research project involving human participants, experimental animal models and/or any human or animal parts or tissue, to apply for ethics approval before the start of the research. More detailed information is provided in the ‘Ethics & Integrity’ section of Notre Dame’s Research website. The Research Ethics Officer can be contacted for advice.

Notre Dame also encourages its researchers to involve community and consumers in their research from an early stage of the project. More information is provided on the Notre Dame Research website under Research Project Development.

Statistical advice should be considered before you start. Statistical services and advice is available at the Institute for Health Research from specialised Biostatisticians in both qualitative and quantitative research.

There is international consensus on what constitutes medical research requiring registration for the purpose of transparency and growth of research outcomes for evidence-based practice. According to the World Health Organization, any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes is an interventional trial, which requires registration in a clinical trial registry. More detailed information is provided in the Research Project Development section of Notre Dame’s Research website.

Notre Dame is required to comply with the requirement by the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 to seek permission for the transfer or supply of controlled goods and technologies to others overseas. More information is provided on the Notre Dame Research website under Institutional Compliance.

You can make an appointment to meet your Research Development Officer at the Research Office for support before a research project starts.