Research Output Categories

Research outputs include but are not restricted to books, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, reports and creative works. Staff in the Research Office currently enter all publications data into IRMA. These data are obtained from a number of sources: Schools and Research Centres, individual researchers, the CVs of new staff and from a number of key databases such as Scopus. Individuals can notify the Research Office about new or missing publications at any time.

Each publication is assigned a research output category according to the following classification system:

Publication Categories
Books A1 - Book Authored - Research
A2 - Book Authored - Other
A3 - Edited Book
A4 - Revision/New Edition/Reprint
Book Chapters B1 - Book Chapter - Research
B2 - Book Chapter - Other
Journal Articles C1 - Refereed Journal articles
C2 - Other contribution to a refereed journal
C3 - Non Refereed Journal Article
C4 - Letter or note
C5 - Edited Journal Issue
Conference Proceedings E1 - Conference Publication - Full/refereed
E2 - Conference Publication - Full/NON-refereed
E3 - Extract of paper - eg. Abstract/Poster
E4 - Edited Conference Proceedings
E5 - Other conference publication
Computer Software G1 - Computer Software
Patents I1 – Patents
Reference Work K1 – Encyclopedia/Dictionary over 4000 words
K2 – Encyclopedia/Dictionary under 4000 words
Reports L1 – Public Sector Report
L2 – Industry Report
L3 – Not-For-Profit Report
L4 – Other Report
L5 – Internal Report
Internal Working Papers M1 – Internal Working Paper
Newspaper/Magazine N3 – Newspaper article
Creative Works Q1 – Original Work - Textual
Q2 – Original Work - Other
R1 – Live Performance - Play
R2 – Live Performance - Other
S1 – Recorded/Rendered Work - Film/Video
S2 – Recorded/Rendered Work - Performance 
S3 – Recorded/Rendered Work - Other
T1 – Curated Work - Exhibition/Event
T2 – Curated Event - Festival
Other Outputs X1 – Interview
X2 – Thesis - PhD/Masters
X3 – Research Output not covered elsewhere (eg. Online opinion pieces)

Please contact the Research Office for more information.