Notre Dame aims to support research staff and students with online learning opportunities to develop effective academic writing, academic publishing and research presentation skills.

You are encouraged to improve your understanding of the expectations in modern-day scholarly publishing and gain more insight into contemporary processes and ideas underpinning research dissemination using the internet.

A positive attitude toward continued professional development in this area is believed to strengthen compliance by research staff and students with ethically acceptable publication practices. Enhanced awareness of publication ethics and new models of openness and transparency are likely to contribute to consistent and sustainable success in academic research.

Expert staff at your School may be able to assist you with specialist knowledge in your field of research. Alternatively, the Notre Dame’s Research Offices in Fremantle and Sydney can be consulted on the many aspects of research publication and presentation. They also provide workshops and events as training opportunities for research staff and students on a regular basis.

Expert librarians at Notre Dame can also be contacted for advice on how to use the many library resources and support services for researchers, including training sessions, to appropriately and effectively disseminate their research findings.