2017 Grants Success

The five WA universities including Notre Dame, under the auspices of WAND (Members: Dr Ainslie Robinson and Prof Carole Steketee) and led by Curtin University, has been awarded $50,000 funding relating to the period up to 31 December 2018 by the Department of Education and Training (DET). The project objectives relate to the transition of the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) to Universities Australia (UA), but also include a plan to transition the network into “a self-standing and sustaining organisation”, and the usual support for AAUT nominees, and learning and teaching project support and dissemination.

2016 Grants Success

Citation Winners - Announced Sept 2016

  • (Individual) Mrs Susan Edgar
    for implementing and promoting life-long wellness and self-management strategies to enhance the mental health, confidence and emotional wellbeing of Physiotherapy students on clinical placement.
  • (Team) Professor Sankar Sinha, Dr Mohammed Ali Malik, Dr Gerry Ahern, and A/Prof Peter Clyne
    for the successful implementation of student-centred learning of clinical anatomy through innovations utilising blended learning, near-peer tutoring, integrated workshops and collaboration by pathologists, radiologists and surgeons.

2016 Grants Success

  • Building a sustainable national approach for the development and governance of interprofessional education
    - Notre Dame member: Professor Carole Steketee
  • WAND Small Grant: Creating a “generic language” shell to enable use of Prudentia curriculum mapping software across disciplines. Carole Steketee, Ainslie Robinson, Lisa Goldacre, Helen Rogers and Nicholas Arnold.

The Mary Philippa Brazill Foundation

Award source: The Mary Philippa Brazill Foundation (The Mary Philippa Brazill Foundation was established in 1993 for the purpose of providing financial support for research and education in ethics with an emphasis on the ethics of health care, and the promotion of these activities in Australian Catholic institutions).
Funding value: $6000
Project purpose: To develop learning technologies that equip Notre Dame’s Medicine students with vital communication strategies that they can use in clinical situations to enhance patient-centred care through the development of 4 learning videos to teach effective clinical communication skills.
Project Lead: Dr Heidi Waldron
Team members: Associate Professor Angela Alessandri, Professor Jane Courtney, Associate Professor Elina Tor, Dr Lama Al Ramahi, Anne Goldstein, Dr Lorna Davin, Mr John Taylor and Kimberley Dever.