Support for Schools

In order to Support Schools/Areas the Learning and Teaching Office works with Schools to:

  • Deliver School-driven CPL workshops co-hosted by LTO and the School
  • Participate in small-group consultations with academic developers
  • Partner in research and scholarship projects

We believe that School-based support should be essentially driven by the Dean or Associate Dean Learning and Teaching (or equivalent) in that they identify academic matters on which the School would like to focus on and who requests the LTO to provide a program of support for its staff. Generally, arrangements for staff participation in the program are organised by the School as are calendar and room  bookings.

To ensure equity in distributing LTO time to Schools, a limited number of hours are available each year per School.

The types of support Schools might like to access include, but are not limited to :

  • Professional learning
    • Blackboard and Turnitin workshops
    • Curriculum development
    • Peer review of course outlines, Blackboard course sites, teaching and assessment
    • Moderation of assessment tasks
    • Learning design (blended or face-to-face)
    • Technology Enhanced Learning
    • Reflective practice
    • Transitional curriculum
  • LTO representation on the School Learning and Teaching Committee (or equivalent)
  • Program review
  • Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoTL) (research) projects

Deans / Associate Deans wishing to access School-based support should contact the Manager of the LTO via email or on (02) 8204 4151. In consultation with the School, a program of support will then be developed and delivered by the LTO at a time identified by the School.

For further information please contact the academic developers of the LTO.

See the LTO’s Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) calendar. The purpose of the calendar is to generate thinking around how the LTO can partner with Schools/Offices in providing support to engage staff in academic growth. Contact the LTO if you would like to know more about these CPL opportunities, or any other, to be conducted in your School/Office.